Family Law

Our broad-based divorce and family law attorneys practice in the following areas:

Divorce / Dissolution of Marriage          Child Custody                         Pension Division / 401(k) Division
Marital Settlement Agreements             Visitation / Parenting Time       Modifications
Child Support / Spousal Support            Property Division                            - Child / Spousal Support
Legal Separation                                        Annulment                                       - Child Custody
                                                                                                                                 - Visitation / Parenting Time

Whether you are seeking a marital settlement agreement, a visitation or child support modification, or a fair and equitable marital property division, our highly-qualified and thorough divorce and family law attorneys are here to effectively assist you. We provide quality representation throughout Northern California.

At the Law Offices of Aaron O. Anguiano, we believe in personable, one-on-one service to all divorce and family law clients. We know that keeping you informed and educated about the process of your case and its likely outcome results in a more satisfied legal experience for all. That is why we take great measures to ensure we are accessible, open, and honest about your case throughout its course.




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