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Aaron O. Anguiano, Attorney at Law

What Clients Say About Aaron Anguiano, Attorney at Law

”Mr. Anguiano was dedicated to my personal injury case entirely and fiercely fought for me”  T. Mendez
”After years of dealing with child support problems, you helped me get the judgment my child deserves” L. Smith
”My lawyer fought for me hearing after hearing, until we finally got the results my family needed. He’s a true professional and fighter”  N. Castro

“Honest and smart – Mr. Anguiano is a great lawyer. He is very blunt and let me know when there was good and bad news right away. He had to fight hard to make sure I kept the stuff that was rightfully mine after the divorce. Im glad I found him to represent me!”  Ron (AVVO review)

“He’s great!  It was hard me to find a trustworthy lawyer to help me with my accident case but Aaron was straightforward and honest. The insurance company was pretty much laughing at me before I hired Aaron. He was able to get me a very very good settlement. Really happy with his office.”  Felix (AVVO review)

“Mr. Anguiano is an honest, funny, and professional attorney. He answers all your questions when you go for a consult. You can also call him on his cellphone at any time. I couldn’t ask for a better attorney to represent me on my Family Law case.”  Irma Gonzalez (Google Review)

“Great Staff, Excellent effective service. Aaron will take care of your needs. Greatly recommend him.”  David Hernandez (Google Review)

“I hired him on a family law limited scope representation. I did all my paperwork myself and paid him to come with me to court. Which was very affordable. I had a custody case in which i needed full custody to be able to travel with my son due to the unwillingness of his father to sign the passport. I got what i wanted and he made sure they stamped and sealed my paperwork so that i don’t have any trouble at the airport when traveling. I didn’t even know about the stamp and seal so i was very pleased to see him ask for it.”  Crystal L. (Yelp review)

“Aaron Anguiano is a good lawyer. He speaks fluent Spanish and has a great rapport with his Spanish-speaking clients. He handles family law, pre-litigation personal injury, and bankruptcy cases. His law office is conveniently located in downtown Modesto. I have known him for about 14 years, and have found him to be very friendly, cordial, professional, and hard-working. He really cares about getting fair settlements for his clients because he really cares about them.”  John C. (Yelp review)

Attorney Endorsements

Angelica Anguiano-Franco, Personal injury Attorney
Relationship: Worked for lawyer

“I worked with Aaron, my dad, for five years before becoming an attorney myself. I learned through my experience at his office that he was dedicated to his clients because he would give them his cell phone number so that they could reach him at any time. He was always available and had an “open door” policy for clients that needed to see him right away. In addition to that, his fees were reasonable (as opposed to many attorneys that only care about billable hours) and he was dedicated to cutting costs as much as possible. I believe that his clients get an honest and hard working attorney who will try his best to resolve the matter quickly and efficiently. Do not hesitate to contact him if you are looking for help.”

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