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Additional Divorce Topics

Divorce Overview – Divorce can get complicate when there is no longer any communication between the two spouses.  Due to the arduous and complicated nature of a divorce proceeding, you may want to keep up to date on the status of the divorce.  Through the internet, you can access the court system’s information database to monitor things such as whether your case has been filed, the upcoming hearings, etc. 
Serving your ex-spouse with the divorce papers can be complicated if communications have ceased.  You need to have your spouse’s mailing address.  If you do not, there are other options to obtain service such as through publication, although you would not have every option available to your that you would if you served them at a known address. 
Divorces that involve children and shared custody can be more complicated or confusing.  Physical custody and legal custody are not always hand in had.  Either one can be joint, divided or split, and due to the many different possibilities of the custody issue, filing your yearly taxes can also be confusing.  The right to claim the children on tax forms goes to the parent who has physical custody for the majority of the time if the divorce decree does not specifically name the parent who is to claim the children. 
In summary of a divorce overview, and in the experience of the Law Offices of Aaron O. Anguiano, divorce is never a simple thing, especially if children are involved.  That’s why you need a competent attorney who will be able to explain and keep you informed on all the procedures and status of your divorce.  We believe in developing a one on one relationship with you. Call us at (209) 567-1040.
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